A few years ago, I had a choice for a gift: What type of puppy I wanted for a pet.

I chose a Shitzu.

In actuality, I got….a PITBULL. (Side-eye).

Other than the common denominators of having a “T” in the name, and both being of the canine persuasion, this was NOTHING similar to what I wanted.

Also, I had never been around a pitbull before in my life.

So, like any self-respecting person in fear, I went to Adult University (aka, YOUTUBE), and found Cesar, “The Dog Whisperer”.

Cesar weaved magical tales of all dogs ceasing on command, obeying and generally listening to any human order. With pitbulls, it was absolutely necessary that the human be perceived as ALPHA at all times to maintain control and training of the pit.

Now I didn’t want ALL dogs to listen to me, just this one.

Keep in mind, this “pit-puppy” was growing into a 110 pound creature, who stood 5’0″ feet on his hindlegs. (I’m 5’4″).

People crossed the road because they didn’t trust that my little self, could control this dog.

Now regardless of the outsiders, there was NO doubt in either human or canine brain who was ALPHA in that relationship. At all times.

ME. And, only me.

It was necessary for me to cultivate that environment where the pit consistently bent to my will, thus creating a safe environment for all.

Similarly, as CEO of your company:

Your clients are NOT Alpha;

Your staff and employees are NOT Alpha;

Your industry sector and market, is NOT Alpha.

You are.

It is your job to understand, research and create the environment for the above to gain the profit you aim for.

You understand and direct the flow of sale to your product when it solves the Client’s problem.

You direct your staff to create an environment for them to excel at what they do best.

You understand and pivot accordingly to your industry shifts.

It is absolutely necessary for you to have that Alpha mode, when you execute decisions as it allows for focus and precision in your business.

What can you do this week, that shifts you into that mode?