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Recently, I was staying at a hotel for a legal training and I was surprised that they didn’t have a television within the room.

Now, it’s a key staple of most hotel rooms to have a TV (big or small) within the room for entertainment or “draw” value.

For a solid 2 hours, I was digging the retro-disconnect vibe…until I literally bumped into this covered thing on the wall.

Y’all. Hotel management had COVERED the TV and hid it. In PLAIN SIGHT.

Literally, out of sight. Out of mind. Until the guest needed it.

Got me thinking as to how we intentionally HIDE key aspects of our business, to ourselves. In plain sight. To AVOID it.

We’ve all done it. And, most likely WILL do it again, in the future. Sad facts.

But, consistent hiding and avoidance NEVER grew any business. Also, sad facts.

The key is understanding WHY we’re doing it….

Whether it’s not believing we’re capable of doing it, or afraid of the results if we actually DID IT. (Sounds unbelievable, right?)

THIS WEEK: Take a beat and:

Look at your calendar: What business meeting did you skip or avoid? WHY? Were you not ready? Did you reschedule?

Which emails have you been avoiding or glossing over (maybe this one?!) WHY? Did they hit too close?

What big aspect of your business have you been afraid of tackling? WHY? Did you need more information to begin?

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Have a great biz week,