COI, FOMO & Hidden Costs

It’s 10 days before the new decade, and you’re probably planning or enjoying the holidays in full force. It’s a great time to celebrate your wins and plan for the future, with new products or services or investments for 2020. As such, you’ve probably heard of ROI or Return On Investment. How about your COI? […]

Running a business is like playing a board game

Running and a business is like playing a board game, .But, which game are YOU – the business owner – really playing? Are you playing CHESS? EXECUTING business decisions that ONLY contribute towards your final, exit strategy. Adopting the mentality of thinking X steps ahead to accomplish your goals. Utilizing and acting upon your active […]

Where do you “avoid the TV” in your business?

tv media

Recently, I was staying at a hotel for a legal training and I was surprised that they didn’t have a television within the room. Now, it’s a key staple of most hotel rooms to have a TV (big or small) within the room for entertainment or “draw” value. For a solid 2 hours, I was […]