Accountability is a domino effect.

accountability, profit, goals

Happy new year from us at Biztoco! Around this time, Goal-Setting is on everyone’s mind now. Maybe you’ve just finished your sparkling, pretty vision-board. Maybe, you’ve even done our Anti-Business Plan. You, are ready to crush 2020. But wait….do you also have Goal-Setting’s twin brother: Accountability? The fact is, without Accountability, any goal you set […]

Birthdays, business & bucket lists.

So….. I’ve got a monumental birthday coming up in 11 months and 2 weeks (Trust. No one’s counting). The kind of birthday with a 4 in front of it. Of course, it inspired grand, bucket list plans to Tokyo and….triggered all sorts of emotions. Nostalgia. “Damn, it’s been a crazy ride” Elation. “Oooooh ya…..I’m so […]