Where do you “avoid the TV” in your business?

tv media

Recently, I was staying at a hotel for a legal training and I was surprised that they didn’t have a television within the room. Now, it’s a key staple of most hotel rooms to have a TV (big or small) within the room for entertainment or “draw” value. For a solid 2 hours, I was […]

Do you have an idea, hobby or a business?

business idea

Happy Monday, One of the top questions I get as a startup lawyer and advisor is: “SHOULD I start a business with my product/service?”. Now, here’s the deal – I, (or anyone else for that matter) can’t tell you what you “SHOULD” be doing with your life – everything is truly within your decision-making control. […]

When SHOULD you REALLY file a company from a business?

company from a business

This is the burning question of all time, . And….tragically it’s got a terrible answer: IT DEPENDS. From last week’s edition, we know that expanding really depends on LIABILITY, RISK and your own PLANS for GROWTH. Here’s 3 simple questions to start you off: 1. Are you creating a duty or obligation to another person or […]