Your “someday, maybe…NEVER” list

We all have a list, . It may even be a lil sexed up…and ambitiously called a “bucket list”.

That list of things you know you need to do but have been putting off way too long. I call it the “Someday Maybe…NEVER” list, and if you’re like 99% of other new business owners, the top of the list is probably this:

Setting up contracts in place so your assets and client relationships are protected automatically.

Meet Lisa: Lisa had a new consulting business which was slowly gaining traction. She had 3 current clients and was pitching to 2 more. Her web designer was behind on his schedule to complete her website, which was preventing potential clients from seeing her “magic” online.

Lisa had a “Someday, maybe….never” list, too.

For the longest time, she had no idea how to go about introducing contracts to her clients OR how to solidify her verbal agreement with her web guy.

She didn’t want to come off pushy and jeopardize the relationship.

She also thought she was too “small fry” for something as fancy as contracts. But, she was waiting on client documents, feeling disorganized and worst of all, waiting on payment! Since, she had nothing in writing….she just had verbal promises and hopeful expectations.

So…what finally helped her break through?

We created a system together that took fear out of the equation. I mapped out every step, every term, and every question she might need to answer so that understanding, executing and negotiating a contract became as simple as following the same steps every time. That’s all it took for the money to stay consistently ON THE TABLE.

All because Lisa spent a small amount of time moving something from her “Someday Maybe…Never” list to her “It’s SO Done” list.

We want to help you do the same thing.

That’s why we created the Contracts for Profit Virtual Accelerator. A virtual accelerator that includes our Entrepreneur Contract Starter Kit that every entrepreneur needs AND teaches you to:

IDENTIFY your Assets – Value your Assets to adequately protect your business.

LEARN the Legal Lingo – Learn what the terms actually mean so that you can counter with confidence.

POWER your Process – Learn the Profit Process that allows you to keep money in your pocket by closing the deal through each contract, and setting deadlines.

NEGOTIATE like a CEO – The best defense is be on the offense. Protect your value and learn helpful negotiating tactics to implement those deals.

FINESSE: Tips & Tricks – Breakout Room with helpful tricks from other business owners on implementing contracts with their business.

It’s a chance for you to learn and for me to personally help you create and implement your own contract system. By the end you’ll have a simple, personalized process that will give you the confidence you need to start executing contracts, AND 5 contract templates to use right away.

You can get all the details right here.

Start your “It’s SO Done” list now.

– Sankeeth