Why you need to be ALPHA, as the CEO.

A few years ago, I had a choice for a gift: What type of puppy I wanted for a pet. I chose a Shitzu. In actuality, I got….a PITBULL. (Side-eye). Other than the common denominators of having a “T” in the name, and both being of the canine persuasion, this was NOTHING similar to what […]


To accommodate the influx of questions on the Coronavirus, we’ve put together some tips and strategies to guide your company during this global pandemic. Mass hysteria solves nothing. As CEO of your company, you can decide on the best tone to adopt to reflect your business. Remaining calm, prepared and decisive may prevent more confusion […]

Accountability is a domino effect.

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Happy new year from us at Biztoco! Around this time, Goal-Setting is on everyone’s mind now. Maybe you’ve just finished your sparkling, pretty vision-board. Maybe, you’ve even done our Anti-Business Plan. You, are ready to crush 2020. But wait….do you also have Goal-Setting’s twin brother: Accountability? The fact is, without Accountability, any goal you set […]

How to find and USE your business attorney as a profit tool.

Trust me, it’s hard to make legal, sexy. But, you know what is ALWAYS sexy? PROFIT. In your bank account. In your hand. In your will for your heirs. Also sexy are the following: Keeping your house, car and trinkets, even the ugly heirlooms, protected from lawsuits. Setting up agreements with partners you like and trust. […]

How to get paid…NOW.

Ahhhh…that sweet sound of $0 payment hitting your account, when you were expecting much more from a client. We’ve all had them – those non-paying clients….especially in these tough business days. Clients miss payments, forget payments or JUST don’t intend to pay at all. However, you are ALWAYS owed payment for your services. But, if you’ve […]

12 tips to grow your company during the Coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus. It’s here and there’s “talk” of it affecting business, worldwide. Here’s what we know: Mass hysteria solves nothing. As CEO of your company, you can decide on the best tone to adopt to reflect your business. Remaining calm, prepared and decisive may prevent more confusion and deterrence. We’ve put together some tips and strategies […]

What’s your EXIT STRATEGY?

What’s your exit strategy for your company? Re-phrased: How far do you want to take this business before you tap out as CEO? In my legal practice, when we form and advise companies, we ask what the founder’s EXIT strategy is – at formation AND at growth points throughout the company’s lifecycle. Sounds contradictory, right? […]

Would you HIRE or FIRE yourself as the CEO?

It’s a hard question to ask any CEO: Would you HIRE or FIRE yourself as the CEO? This past week, our team was asked to fire a company’s CEO, Steve*. (Yes. We do get called in to resolve disputes and fire employees, if necessary). Steve’s board of directors had lost faith in his leadership and management […]

Questions to ask your potential partner

We got a lot of questions and comments on our last post: How to choose your business partner. 1. “What do I ask potential partners so that I can KNOW if it’s a right fit?” Well, no one realllllly knows whether it’s going to be a right fit, right away. But, with open, honest communication […]


In this week of Valentine’s day, we wanted to show some love to your business partner. Or – potential one. Partnerships are fantastic for creating greater, faster growth. Two (or more) heads are better than one. But. It. Is. Literally. A. Business. Marriage. Your partner’s mistakes are YOUR mistakes. You share the profits AND the […]


Kobe Bryant and Emergency Business Protocols If you’ve  survived January 2020, you also know that we lost Kobe Bryant, basketball star, father, husband, philanthropist. Even if you only remember him from the Los Angeles Lakers or you grew up yelling “KOBE!” everytime you took a shot into a trashcan (or hoop), he was a formidable […]