How do you really know you have a solid, profitable idea for a product or service?

Easy answer: Uh, someone pays you actual money for your product or service idea. MONEY!!!

Better answer: PROFIT = REVENUE – EXPENSES. Basically, whatever is left after you subtract your Expenses (Costs and Liabilities to actually deliver the Service/Product) from your Revenue (All income gained from Sales) is your Profit.

Best answer: if you’re not making at least 10% of your Revenue as ACTUAL Profit, then your idea isn’t generating a healthy, profitable business.

If it’s not blatantly apparent by now, bringing in Revenue from your Service or Product idea doesn’t necessarily mean a PROFITABLE business. See how I said business not Company?

Unless you’ve got an idea that can make a PROFIT – you’ve got no business starting a company from that idea.

But, you can always start TODAY and NOW to gain profit.

This Masterclass is for YOU if:

In this online Masterclass, we break down the step-by-step process that I use every time a client comes to us with an idea for a business.

This Masterclass will help you:

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