This Agreement is used between two parties  (individual or company) to summarize an affiliate structure, where Person A becomes an affiliate to Person B in return for an Affiliate commission payment. This can be a percentage or set dollar amount or another form of compensation. The Affiliate (Person A) is engaged to provide online or in-person publicity or exposure to Person B’s products and services to  a 3rd  person or company. Ex: Person A has affiliate links on his website that directly link back to Person B’s products. When a customer clicks on the links and buys from Person B, then Person A gets a commission payment off that sale.

Perfect for any: Sole Proprietorship (Solo-preneur), General Partnership

Company (LLC, Corporation – S-Corp/C-Corp, Benefit Corp, Non-Profit).

Also related to: Partnership Agreement, Influencer Agreement, Referral Agreement, Website Terms of Use/Service

This is different from a Referral Agreement because a Referring party doesn’t own a portion of the business – the parties are just providing referrals to each other with payment in referral fees, only.

This is different from a Partnership Agreement because an Affiliate doesn’t own a portion of a Partnership business  – the Affiliate is just providing exposure to the Company’s products and services in return for an Affiliate commission or payment.