Kobe Bryant and Emergency Business Protocols

If you’ve  survived January 2020, you also know that we lost Kobe Bryant, basketball star, father, husband, philanthropist.

Even if you only remember him from the Los Angeles Lakers or you grew up yelling “KOBE!” everytime you took a shot into a trashcan (or hoop), he was a formidable athlete that inspired millions.

More importantly, as a businessman, he continued to run foundations and businesses after his retirement from the NBA.

Kobe’s untimely death at 41 years of age, was tragic and unbelievable for us sport fans. And. as all emergencies are – his passing was shocking and unplanned. His wife and business partners will be sorting through the intricacies of his estate for months to come.

Morbid as it sounds, we as business owners can learn from his passing to prepare for our own business.

What happens if you as the CEO is out of commission?

It’s all important that you have back up procedures in place should certain scenarios happen.

The show and the shop still have to go on.

In fact, Preparation is another key expression of the preservation of PROFIT.

It’s even more important as a solopreneur that you’re protected should something happen to you, as the sole owner, creator, manager, operator of your shop.

We all know the big events that can “stall” or stunt a business: Owner’s death, disability or Family illness/death.

What about the lesser-known “business” emergencies such as: Extreme weather, Materials delay, Worker strike?

Every business owner should have answers to these questions.

So, this month check out the FREE Checklist & download: Protocols for Preserving your Profit.

Use this to identify:

1. Your Legal Representative(s)

2. Your Successor(s)

3. Your business “Dream Team” have an Acct and/or Attorney to help dissolve the business and “wind down” the company?

4. Possible scenarios & Protocols to prepare for emergencies.

Download it. Use it. Have those hard conversations. Apply the Knowledge.


​Starting or running your own shop as a solopreneur? Got sensitive information that needs to be protected? Ready to preserve the potential commercial value of your business information? This free PRIMER comes with a Checklist & FAQs that answer the top questions for you and the included Action Sheets guide you as you consider the information to protect yourself while you set up useful protocols.

To your preparation,


CEO of Biztoco

*Information is for general, educational purposes only and is not intended to create an attorney/client relationship. Please consult your legal professional for specific questions to your particular situation*

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