“I did it, alone”

…..said no successful business owner. EVER.

The fact is, , your External business team, (clique, biz gang, posse) is important to your business health. An external business team consists of service providers such as an accountant, attorney, mentor, insurance agent, banker etc.

You might feel that without funding or connections, your business can’t afford ONE service provider, let alone, a WHOLE squad, right now.

But you can’t afford to NOT have one.

Not only does your business NEED them, these service providers’ only goals are to protect your assets and preserve your profit. Wait, isn’t that your goals, too? How much relief would you feel to finally share that responsibility???

By now, you’ve heard me yammer on about how putting in the systems and foundation into your business is the same as preservation of profit. Getting your business team is simply, PROFIT.

Not sure who gets the pleasure, first?

START HERE TODAY: Your accountant (CPA), who is GROUND ZERO for all things, profit. This is your first ally on your road to success. Spend those valuable startup costs on this person. Trust me, a savvy, accountant will make back your investment, tenfold. (Need a referral? Book a call below and we can get you a list of CPAs).

Then add your attorney (ESQ) and your Insurance Agent. Then, add your business mentor and/or savvy business colleague to round it out.

Now, connect EVERYONE to each other. (Oh, and they usually know OTHER service providers to connect you).

Congratulations – you’ve just built your “Success” team. AND BONUS: This “Success” team also doubles as your de facto Advisory Board.

APPLY: Whenever you’re ready, , here is how my team and I can help you grow your business this year:

To your clique.