Ahhhh…that sweet sound of $0 payment hitting your account, when you were expecting much more from a client.

We’ve all had them – those non-paying clients….especially in these tough business days.

Clients miss payments, forget payments or JUST don’t intend to pay at all.

However, you are ALWAYS owed payment for your services.

But, if you’ve ever struggled with the following questions on:

How to ask kindly….yet not be abrasive?

How do I structure a payment plan?

When is a good time to follow up, and when to back off?

How to not pester them?

When is a good time to break some legs? 

Kidding. Sort of.

While frustrating, DON’T BREAK ANY LEGS.

(Well, don’t resort to anything illegal).

Just follow a simple process.

Having a process to prepare for missed payments is KEY.

First step – have a Client Contract stating payment obligations and requirements for non-payment.

Second step – have Payment letters such as “Past Due Notice” ready to send for any and all missed payments.

Third step – follow up until payment is made and or legal action is needed.

Fourth step – pursue legal action if necessary with your “paper trail” of payment requests.

See how process helps?

It literally preserves your notice of non-payment by date, by creating a “paper trail” for any legal action.

Don’t miss your chance to get paid…and preserve your profit.

To your successful payment,


CEO of Biztoco