To accommodate the influx of questions on the Coronavirus, we’ve put together some tips and strategies to guide your company during this global pandemic.

Mass hysteria solves nothing.

As CEO of your company, you can decide on the best tone to adopt to reflect your business. Remaining calm, prepared and decisive may prevent more confusion and deterrence.

1. Institute public health measures. TODAY.

Utilize the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC at measures for prevention. Double up on workplace hygience and cleaning schedules. Perhaps institute a “no handshake” policy – definitely follow your best judgment and corporate culture. Options can be: fist bumps, head nods, prayer fashion for greetings and goodbyes.

For staff travelling on behalf of your business, please consult the World Health Organization ( and/or the United Nations ( and/or the United States State Department’s Travel Advisory to determine travel advisories for destination. Ground any non-essential travel to a later date if you are wholly concerned.

2. Respect ill health.

Labor is a company’s greatest asset (this includes you!). Take care of it.

Send an ill person home. Preferably with pay/compensation (if within their engagement and your company capacity).

Yes, your productivity and output may suffer but this prevents any illness from spreading to other staff (and further decimation in output).

Also, you must rapidly disclose to all of your staff/employees when you hear that a customer or employee was positive for the virus and in their office space.

3. Inform your staff/clients.

Send an email (much like this one) to your staff and your clients informing them of the measures you’ve taken to prevent the spread of the virus. Remind and encourage them to also employ their own personal hygience before and after visiting your business.

4. Create alternative methods to complete work.

Should you have to send people home or decide to restrict office attendence, consider uploading all current projects to a remote-accessible database, for continuation of work.

Re-organize or switch to video meetings for all scheduled meetings. (Zoom at is a widely utilized free platform).

5. Use it for growth.

Think of this epidemic as a continual snowstorm in winter.

Many people will cancel or postpone plans to stay indoors for prevention.


The internet is alive and well. Most likely, everyone will be on some device, when they’re indoors.

6. Keep calm and use your best judgment.

Be smart, safe and prepared,


Sankeetha Selvarajah, Esq.

Managing Attorney at Selvarajah Law PC

*Information is for educational purposes ONLY and not intended to replace a medical or legal professional’s advice for your situation. It does not creat an attorney/client relationship. Please contact your medical/legal professional for further counsel.