Failing was NEVER high on my list.

It sucked. It didn’t look amazing on my resume – and nobody who failed….well, really talked about it.

Failure was like the embarrassing uncle you try to hide from your friends.

3 years ago, myself and 2 other partners went to form a company on advisory boards for startups.

We worked nights and weekends on the project. In total, it was about 9 months of time away from families, hobbies, significant others, beaches, vacations…LIFE.

When ready, we got to launch….and…NOTHING.

Bloody crickets.

No one bought, people signed up but no one followed through.

My partners and I also started stalling because we didn’t have the momentum of clients or customers pushing us forward.

TIME. FOCUS. PRIORITIES. Life just happened. People grew out of their initial excitement.

We decided to call it quits and parted on amicable terms (no bad blood) and I kept the rights to pursue it at a later date, with their support and blessing.

NOW, any seasoned startup founder would say that’s the beginning of a SUCCESSFUL FAILURE.

I, of course, took to French Vanilla ice cream and Netflix for 3 solid days of escapism. (Fondly termed: “NETFLIX & DWELL” stage).

After I ran through every episode and finally came to terms with the loss of it all, perspectives needed to be shifted. Immediately.

  1. How can I use the lessons learned to advance next time?
  2. When can I make this better, so that strategically it’s received more favorably?
  3. What did I miss this time?

REALLY what I was asking myself was: “How can I fail well with this”?

Counter-intuitive thought, right?

Not really.

A successful failure is when a perceived failure is dissected to learn from to use again.

This new thought pattern has helped me anticipate and relish failures as they come. Enough so that I don’t even term them as FAILURES – but as LESSONS.

I’m not a damn robot though, I still do the “NETFLIX & DWELL” stage – but now only for one series episode.

So, , how are you succeeding with your failures, today?

Let me know your tragedies and triumphs by replying to this email.


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