12 tips to grow your company during the Coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus. It’s here and there’s “talk” of it affecting business, worldwide. Here’s what we know: Mass hysteria solves nothing. As CEO of your company, you can decide on the best tone to adopt to reflect your business. Remaining calm, prepared and decisive may prevent more confusion and deterrence. We’ve put together some tips and strategies[…]


In this time of formation and “fresh starts”, you may be considering new partnerships OR pitches to ramp up your business growth. By all means, go forth. But, protect as you go. Sometimes, those partnerships or employees/contractors work out – sometimes they don’t. What happens to the information they learn while working with you (or[…]

company from a business

When SHOULD you REALLY file a company from a business?

This is the burning question of all time, . And….tragically it’s got a terrible answer: IT DEPENDS. From last week’s edition, we know that expanding really depends on LIABILITY, RISK and your own PLANS for GROWTH. Here’s 3 simple questions to start you off: 1. Are you creating a duty or obligation to another person or[…]

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“I can’t afford to own a company” and other lies in startup-land

“I’ve got a sole proprietorship and a website…do I really need a company?” – Ted – graphics designer in Boston Ted was a student at one of my business formation classes in Boston last week. He went on to explain that his vision was to “grow it into a business which feeds my family and I[…]