I’ve got a monumental birthday coming up in 11 months and 2 weeks (Trust. No one’s counting).

The kind of birthday with a 4 in front of it.

Of course, it inspired grand, bucket list plans to Tokyo and….triggered all sorts of emotions.

Nostalgia. “Damn, it’s been a crazy ride”

Elation. “Oooooh ya…..I’m so legitimate. 40 is soooo GROWN and sexy”.

PANIC. “How will I accomplish everything before then???”

Before I started heaving – I remembered a mentor’s sage advice: WHAT GETS MEASURED, GETS MANAGED.

Nothing was really going to happen (or STAY HAPPENING), unless I put some old-fashioned GOALS down…. with some cold, measurable OBJECTIVES to accomplish said goals.

Original thought: I couldn’t JUST visit Tokyo.

RE-MIX: I’m going to visit Tokyo at the end of April 2020 to catch the cherry blossoms in full bloom. I’m going to book my flight by January 2020 and book my hotel by February 2020. By March 15th, 2020, I should have a rough itinerary planned out.

Now, let’s apply this to your business, .

What goal-thoughts are spurring your movement these days? Do you have actionable, measurable objectives to guide those goals?

While you marinate on that – here’s a sobering fact: It’s less than 90 days until a new DECADE.

A new decade, y’all.

So, if you’re feeling stuck or unsure about your Goal progression before the New Year sign up for our


In this workshop (not Masterclass!) I’ll teach you the exact methodology I use with our Legal & Advisory Board clients for the past 5 years.

This Masterclass is for you if:

  • You’re overwhelmed by creating a business plan
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  • You want actionable GOALS & OBJECTIVES for the rest of the year
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To your next goal,