Happy new year from us at Biztoco!

Around this time, Goal-Setting is on everyone’s mind now.

Maybe you’ve just finished your sparkling, pretty vision-board. Maybe, you’ve even done our Anti-Business Plan.

You, are ready to crush 2020.

But wait….do you also have Goal-Setting’s twin brother: Accountability?

The fact is, without Accountability, any goal you set won’t have the proper “PUSH” to get done.

Or it may disappear completely.

So, how do you incorporate Accountability into your Routine to gain profit, this year?

Here’s the secret: Accountability is EVERYWHERE. It may be minute or living in someone else’s actions, but you literally have to look for it. Then receive it.

I recently taught a LIVE workshop (for Goal Setting for Profit) in Boston.

As a bonus, every attendee got a FREE 30 minute Accountability call to review their respective profit goals.

But, there was a catch.

To sign up for it, they had to pay $1 to “hold” the timeslot. If they failed to show up OR were NOT prepared, then I would charge them $24 EXTRA dollars.

Dead silence. (Although the looks on their faces were hilarious!)

Finally, a woman burst out: “Can we also do this $1 rule with our own clients?!”

YES. Please do, lady.

Time, Priorities, and Respect are expressions of VALUE. If you value, prioritize and respect your TIME, then others will as well. There’s reciprocity and consequence.

Applying it to your clients: if you value your calendar and your Revenue-time (the time spent on actions that yield the highest revenue for your business), then you MUST pass that accountability on to them.

You value your time = they value their investment.

Meet David.

David owns a fitness studio that had a great marketing and outreach campaign. His studio also gave free consults for potential customers. Hour after hour, he would have no-shows. They would be motivated at the moment to sign up online, but, would fail to invest in their health when the allotted time actually came.

David was fed up. He decided to institute a bonus structure into each consult. If they showed up, they would receive a bonus training and/or a discount on their fitness package. He reasoned that the micro-action of “showing up” was an actual investment in one’s health. The loss of the discount or training was an actionable accountability factor.

Meet Desa.

She was a busy and booked hairstylist, known for her intricate hairstyles. Desa had a loyal client, Lisa, that was extremely punctual and had limited time. Lisa also traveled some distance to make Desa’s appointments.

Before meeting Lisa, Desa was a little lenient with her time, and would run later than usual with each prior client. One time, Lisa expressly stated her time limitations, and her dissatisfaction when those time expectations weren’t met by Desa.

After that, Desa created solid time schedules and expectations for ALL her clients. If they were more than 10 minutes late, they had to reschedule. The loss of Lisa (and her tip) is an actionable accountability factor for Desa. The bonus, is that Desa passed on her accountability to her clients.


So, how will you find your accountability this year?

To your success,



1. Write your 2020 monthly profit goals AS IF someone else will be reading over your shoulder, and holding you accountable EVERY WEEK. (Yes, every week)

2. Get an accountability partner TODAY. Set up weekly or monthly appointments with them to keep you in check.

3. Consider getting a formal Advisor for your business. This may be a mentor, business coach or even a successful business owner (does not have to be in your industry).

Get this done in 7 days.


Advisor Agreement: Got your business profit goals written? How about an advisor for your business to hold your business goals, accountable? Commemorate your agreement with an Advisor Agreement. This is used for every Advisor, regardless of whether you have 1, or an entire Board of Advisors. Primers outline how to: decide on the best advisor for your business “weak” points, and how to use the Agreement. FAQs answer the top questions for the Agreement, and included Action Sheets guide you when you’re “interviewing” potential new Advisors.