Running a business is like playing a board game

Running and a business is like playing a board game, .But, which game are YOU – the business owner – really playing?

Are you playing CHESS?

  • EXECUTING business decisions that ONLY contribute towards your final, exit strategy.
  • Adopting the mentality of thinking X steps ahead to accomplish your goals. Utilizing and acting upon your active business plan (aka “Living document”) by making PROACTIVE moves and pivoting when necessary.
  • Having an advisory board that holds your business goals accountable for this year and for your next 3-5 years (or lifeline of your business). Setting your foundation by incorporating your company, utilizing contracts with every business transaction and obtaining insurance to protect your assets.
  • Effectively planning for emergencies by saving 3-6 months’ worth of future expenses.

Are you playing CHECKERS?

  • THINKING of this fiscal year with 4 Quarters, only. Where you do have a business plan, but don’t look beyond this year or current quarter — or don’t even consult it at all.
  • Have a vague idea of your exit strategy but are constantly pivoting with every negative outcome.
  • Actively seeking opportunities to grow but, without following a targeted game plan outlining potential partners and collaborators.
  • Some contracts are in place, but not for EVERY commercial transaction. Maybe you’ve incorporated your business into a company, and maybe you’ve got some commercial insurance.
  • Maybe, you even have a simple Emergency Fund set up for anticipatory expenses.

Or are you playing CONNECT4?

  • EXISTING in the immediate short-term for this month or next 4 weeks.
  • Really only making REACTIVE moves and not proactively planning for the quarter or year with actionable Goals & Objectives outlined.
  • Meeting payroll (or rent!) this period or only making deadlines to make your monthly targeted revenue.
  • Not considering opportunities to expand or grow your clientele, revenue or impact.
  • NOT protecting the assets or intellectual property in written agreements; incorporating your business; or obtaining commercial insurance.
  • No Emergency Fund.

Honestly, ANY business owner can elevate their game.

So, what’s your move?

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To your next step,