Running a business is like playing a board game

Running and a business is like playing a board game, .But, which game are YOU – the business owner – really playing? Are you playing CHESS? EXECUTING business decisions that ONLY contribute towards your final, exit strategy. Adopting the mentality of thinking X steps ahead to accomplish your goals. Utilizing and acting upon your active[…]

Profit is ALWAYS sexy.

How do you really know you have a solid, profitable idea for a product or service? Easy answer: Uh, someone pays you actual money for your product or service idea. MONEY!!! Better answer: PROFIT = REVENUE – EXPENSES. Basically, whatever is left after you subtract your Expenses (Costs and Liabilities to actually deliver the Service/Product) from your Revenue (All[…]

“I did it, alone”

“I did it, alone” …..said no successful business owner. EVER. The fact is, , your External business team, (clique, biz gang, posse) is important to your business health. An external business team consists of service providers such as an accountant, attorney, mentor, insurance agent, banker etc. You might feel that without funding or connections, your[…]

Free Revenue

Where do you spend your REVENUE-TIME?

The biggest “A-HA” moments (or “OH-NOOOO” – depends on their outlook) by my business clients happen when they see how MUCH time they waste on NON-REVENUE generating activities. What’s NON-REVENUE, exactly? Anything that doesn’t directly make money for the business OR honor the owner’s strengths that create revenue. During last week’s Workshop: GOAL SETTING FOR[…]