Coronavirus. It’s here and there’s “talk” of it affecting business, worldwide.

Here’s what we know: Mass hysteria solves nothing.

As CEO of your company, you can decide on the best tone to adopt to reflect your business. Remaining calm, prepared and decisive may prevent more confusion and deterrence.

We’ve put together some tips and strategies to grow your company during this time.

  1. Create alternative methods to complete work. Should you have to send people home or decide to restrict office attendance, consider uploading all current projects to a remote-accessible database, for continuation of work. Re-organize or switch to video meetings for all scheduled meetings. (Zoom at is a widely utilized free platform).
  2. Adopt a growth mindset during a snowstorm. Think of this epidemic as a continual snowstorm in winter. Many people will cancel or postpone plans to stay indoors for prevention. USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! The internet is alive and well. Most likely, everyone will be on some device, when they’re indoors.
  3. Create online sales or quirky ad campaigns. Draw current and potential customers to your website/services. Companies don’t utilize their online presence enough. This is the time to shine! (Check out our sale on Website policies below)
  4. Create new ONLINE products or services to complement your physical product or experience.
  5. Beef up your social media presence with more blogs, content. The memes are definitely alive and well, also.
  6. Create video content such as how-to videos. What are the top 10 questions that clients ask you? Make a short 1-2 minute video about each question. Post on website.
  7. Create an online summit with other thought leaders in your industry. A great way to establish yourself and your company is by discussing trends in your sector. Send offer to past and future clients/colleagues.
  8. Automate or delegate your non-essential and/or non-revenue generating activities. If it’s not bringing you joy or creating efficiency, automate/delegate it!
  9. Update all of your systems and client processes if there’s downtime. Time saved is still money earned.
  10. File your taxes and get your financial back-end organized. Be prepared for wealth, always.
  11. Send out proposals to potential clients/colleagues. People are still working and do need your services. Get ahead of the pack and send out reminders. Explain that business is still running and how you can serve your clients.
  12. Keep calm & always use your best judgment. Period.

BONUS: Bump up your emergency protocol. This won’t be the last emergency that you will face in your business, but it will set the standard for how you can approach your future situations. Sign up for our emergency business protocol planner.

To your growth


*Information is for educational purposes ONLY and not intended to replace a medical or legal professional’s advice for your situation. It does not create an attorney/client relationship. Please contact your medical/legal professional for further counsel.