Respect shows up in different ways in your business, .

It may be by your daily work times dedicated to your craft or by standing firm on your prices to a customer.

Real respect for your business is knowing the VALUE of your assets and defending its’ FUTURE PROFIT by your current PROTECTION.


Here’s the raw truth: you have an idea (or actual products or services) that deserves the respect of profit by the effective protection you implement today. And, everyday.

Real respect for your business is:

By protecting your assets daily, you create a barrier against future litigation, excess taxation and unnecessary costs that could eat away at your working capital. Capital, that’s better utilized to actually grow your company.

You also preserve the right to use your product or service’s value by identifying it in contracts, and in its’ brand identity, so that others may not mis-use or undermine its value.

How did you respect your business, today?


Whenever you’re ready, here is how my team and I can help you grow your business this year: